Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

Or so a wise man once said.

And that’s just what I’ve been doing since 5.30 Monday morning when I loaded up two charter buses with 85 sweaty 14 and 15 year olds and set off for a week of traveling and college tours around Texas and oh dear Lord am I about to lose it. It’s a fact I learned very shortly after I started teaching, but it’s never more salient than on spring trip week – as the chaperones get more tired, the kids get more exponentially more irritating.

Actually, the kids are quite good. They’ve been attentive during college information sessions, they’ve held doors for each other on campuses, they’ve even gone to bed and stayed there at reasonable times. Thank heavens they’re all much better kids than I was at their age. Not a one of them sneaked liquor on the bus in a Pepsi bottle, nor have any of them jumped out a window to go make out with some wierd guy they just met. Both of those are highlights from a youth group weekend retreat, by the way.


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